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Isabel Through Time

  • It was in the small fishing village of Elanxtrobe, Spain where José Garavilla-Quintana laid the foundation of Grupo Conservas Garavilla – considered today, to be one of the largest European fisheries and canning companies in the world. As a result of business flourishing, Conservas Garavilla relocated to the historic port-town of Vizcaya in order to facilitate production.
    Quaint Beginnings
  • While José Garavilla’s son, Estanislao Garavilla, took over ownership of the company, the world at large was fighting WWII. Due to complications of war and famine, Estanislao had to shut down production and try his luck abroad, in the Phillipines.
    Difficult Times
  • After his experience founding small-scale fisheries in the Phillipines, Estanislao Garavilla returned to his native Bermeo, Spain. Through his vision, tenacity and inexhaustible capacity for work, Estanislao began a slow, but progressive bailout of Grupo Conservas Garavilla.
    New Life
  • Isabel Tuna was introduced into the Grupo Conservas Garavilla family in the 1960s and was met with great enthusiasm by Spaniards. With Isabel’s popularity and the family’s principle of “The canning is done where the fish are,” the size of the company increased and grew to 11 factories throughout the Peninsula and Canary Islands.
    Meet Isabel
  • The turn of the century marked a renewed commitment to innovation and adaptation. In fact, in order to please even the most discernable palates, Grupo Conservas Garavilla introduced an entire new line of premium products.
  • Grupo Conservas Garavilla refreshed the Isabel brand to reflect the dynamic, familiar, yet modern spirit of Spain’s favorite tuna. Isabel also introduced their new and revolutionary salad bowls. Available in four varieties: Italian, Mexican, Potato and Mediterranean, these bowls are an easy and healthy meal option that comes complete with a fork and easy-open lid. This was a first for the Spanish marketplace – a ready-to-eat solution that did not require heating.
    New Look. New Products
  • Isabel’s constant concern for healthy eating and the preservation of the Mediterranean diet, led to the introduction of Light Tuna in High Oleic Vegetable Oil – a variety of sunflower oil that has a fatty acid composition very similar to olive oil, making it a heart-healthy option. Additionally, Isabel launched the New Open and Serve Line. As the name suggests, these ready-made dishes, like Seafood Rice, Tuna Casserole with Potatoes, and Pasta with Tuna and Tomato Sauce are fast, practical and easy healthy meal solutions.
    Healthy Eating Innovations
  • Isabel introduced Naturfresh Salad Bowls and Naturfresh Tuna to enthusiastic customers. Naturfresh is an exclusive process that maintains all the properties, texture and exquisite flavor of fresh tuna, without the need for preservatives. Naturfresh Tuna offers the best and most tender tuna loins that are 100% natural.
  • Grupo Conservas Garavilla introduces Isabel Tuna to North America to share the natural quality and tradition of innovation to a new market of tuna lovers.
    Looking Forward

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