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3 Ways to Ease Back To School Stress

3 Ways to Ease Back To School Stress


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Stress is an inevitable part of life. The key is in how one manages stress. Going back to school can be both a stressful and a very exciting time. Here are three tips to ease some of that back to school stress.

1. Breathe. Sure, it seems pretty obvious because we do it automatically, but being conscious of your breathing can be effective in managing stress. Stepping away from a difficult situation for just a few minutes and taking deep breaths can provide tremendous stress relief. Make sure to implement that practice with your kids, too.

2. Organize Your Life. Even if class projects or a frustrating teacher are a constant cause of stress for your kids or yourself, a messy room or cluttered workspace will only make things worse. Simply by organizing your work and rest areas, you can reduce stress and focus other aspects of life.

3. Take Care of Yourself. More than anything else, the single most important thing you can do is to take care of your health and your kid’s health too. There is an astounding correlation between physical health and the impact it has on mental health. By exercising regularly and eating a healthy, well balanced diet, it is much easier to fight stress and negative emotions.

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