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How To Raise Paleo Children

How To Raise Paleo Children



Standard American “kid food” isn’t really for kids and isn’t really food. Starting and keeping your kids Paleo gives them a host of benefits including all the nutrition needed for growing bodies.

1. Cave Babies

Starting with breast milk if possible, a Paleo diet provides your baby with all the necessary fats and other nutrients needed for brain development and starts them on the path to a healthy digestive system. When old enough for solids, consider Paleo-friendly regulars like egg yolks, avocados or bananas. These are a much better option than grain based commercial options.

2. Cave School

Paleo for school age kids presents its own challenges and rewards. If your kids are new to Paleo, consider breaking them in slowly rather than going cold turkey. Start with Paleo friendly snacks or breakfast.

3. Forbidden Fruit

Candy and pizza exist in your kids’ lives. Paleo parents have found out the hard way that a zero tolerance policy is the quickest way to drive your kids away from the diet. A realistic plan that highlights love of Paleo rather than rejection of the other is the best way to keep your kids in (or close to) the cave.

4. Get Them Involved

From growing your own and shopping to cooking over the primal fire, Paleo kids enjoy and stay Paleo much more when they have a role. There are a number of really good Paleo friendly cookbooks for kids and the web is full of great ideas for you and your family to make together.