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Why Sustainable Product Packaging Matters

Why Sustainable Product Packaging Matters



Sustainable packaging’s day has come. It has become nothing less than critical- it helps both the producer and the consumer reduce their environmental impact. In a world with exploding populations and reduced resources, everyone must find ways to lighten their footprints. Here are four ways to look at why packaging matters so much right now:

The planet’s resources

Our planet’s resources are finite. And not just energy and minerals- forests, clean water and agriculture space are also limited. As these limits grow tighter, demand grows heavier year after year. The use of petroleum for energy, fuel and heat together with the destruction of green space, especially rain forests, has caused global warming to increase from a trot to a gallop.

The human aspect

Environmental degradation not only affects the natural world, it also affects people. Especially poor people. Pollution and just plain litter from discarded packaging causes a significant decrease in the quality of life of people across the globe.

Sustainability and business

The business world may be late to the sustainable party, but they are increasingly on board and leading the discussion. Sustainability is now a major agenda issue for governments and public opinion and is front of mind for the all-important investors. As a result, industry is coming under increasing pressure to improve its sustainability footprint and is increasingly leading the charge itself.

Consumer choice

By choosing packaging that has been manufactured in a sustainable way from materials that can be renewed, recycled, repurposed or composted we send an important message back to the manufacturers.