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Puff Pastries with Russian Tuna Salad

Special Diets

The Russian style of this tuna salad is packed with veggies and a light sauce. A quick and fun appetizer when added to a puff pastry.


• Vol-au-vents (puff pastry), baked and cooled
• Isabel Tuna Salad with Vegetables - Russian
• Green olives or Sardines (to garnish)
• Dill or parsley


Fill the baked mini vol-au-vents with teaspoons of Isabel Tuna Salad with Vegetables and plate.

Cut the olives into thin slices and place a couple slices on top of each filled vol-au-vent. Alternatively, use sliced sardines for garnish.

Decorate each vol-au-vent with a touch of dill or sprig of parsley.

Serve chilled.